Last June a new edition of the Tour de Slovenia was held in which CEPLAFIB was able to participate. A caravan with the project’s logos accompanied the cyclists, thus showing one of their star products. In this way, CEPLABIF was able to develop an important visualization campaign in terms of marketing, since not only curious and participants were able to contemplate the caravan, but its image could be captured by the local and national media.

ADRIA Mobil prepared their internal action to raise the public awarenes for CEPLAFIB project by wraping their testing prototype vehicle in CEPLAFIB colours and logos.  With it, CEPLAFIB was able to visualize itself not only to public but also to the mass media, and also to inform the interested stakeholders about the project achievements, not only at the events but also during the ongoing on road testing.

Motorhome Tour of Slovenia

This campaign is part of the advertising concept of branded content, considered one of the most powerful actions in terms of audience. In a society overwhelmed with tons of daily advertising messages, a sensory experience of this caliber is infinitely more effective, since the motorhome undoubtedly managed to show how CEPLAFIB is capable of revolutionizing the transport industry.

Tour of Slovenia