CEPLAFIB will demonstrate applicative technologies and methodologies that will be used for boosting the linear to circular economy transition through the effective introduction of recycled plastic and paper materials in high value and mass applications. To guarantee the maximum efficiency, CEPLAFIB uses a global approach to drive changes, combining manufacturing technologies and applications and is focused in complementary of industrial sectors.

To this end, technologies for waste sorting, selection and treatment as well as optimization methodologies will be combined in a cost effective manufacturing processes, enabling the recycling companies to supply a constant flow of high quality recycled materials. In addition, the better performance in terms of economical, technical and environmental criteria of the recycled fibre reinforced materials will be validated in mass production applications in two different sectors: packaging and automotive. Material science related to additives, in-line monitoring and post-controlling will be used for the adaptation of the new materials to the conventional transformation processes.

In order to obtain a full validation and pre-norm testing approval under a new commercial brand to ensure the market uptake of the products developed, CEPLAFIB will start defining a detailed testing protocols. On the other hand, an action plan and replication toolkit will be developed with the aim to facilitate the replication with other waste flows and applications as well as the transfer of the project results to other sectors and regions during and beyond the project.

The effectiveness and effect of the activities will be controlled to check the project progress and accomplishment and to assure that public funding is effectively invested.

The project results and outcomes will be disseminated with the objective that results can be used and exploited by others, as all the materials will be produced with creative commons and open licenses. Another objective of communication activities is to overcome the regional and national focus of the project, to increase the impact of the results.