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After more than three years of intensive research and work, the CEPLAFIB project comes to an end. The CEPLAFIB consortium invites society, scientific community, stakeholders and general public to its online Final Conference Event next 23rd of September. Those attending the event will have the opportunity to learn about the revolutionaty developments within the project, focused on circular economy. A group of research institutions and private companies are proud to present new CEPLAFIB products that are applicable in industrial sectors where novel opportunities for high quality post-consumer recycled materials are sought.

LIFE CEPLAFIB project aimed and succeed to produce a new material called CEPLAFIB for the protective packaging, automotive-caravanning, and construction-building industries. This 100% recycled composite is made from deinked newsprint paper fibres, recycled polypropylene and high/low density polyethylene post-consumer waste plastics. The goal of LIFE CEPLAFIB project was to demonstrate that the new material can be produced at a competitive price and that it is suitable for extended manufacturing techniques such as thermoforming and injection moulding.

The project involves six partners from four EU Member States (Slovenia, Finland, Poland, and Spain), representing plastics and paper recyclers, manufacturers, technology suppliers and researchers. LIFE CEPLAFIB is part of the LIFE Programme, which is the only financial instrument of the European Union dedicated exclusively to the environment. It supports EU policies on recycling and zero waste, including the Waste Framework Directive, the Landfill Directive and the Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

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