Vesna Zepic, project coordinator and Head of Laboratory for Applicative Materials at TECOS, has just published an article at Detritus Journal. This work investigates the feasibility of using the recycled polypropylene (rPP), cellulose (CF) and newsprint (NP) fibres in polyolefin reinforced composites.

The fibre addition further resulted in substantial increase in Young modulus of the composites. The addition of CF and NP fibres lead to an improved modulus of elasticity by 16 and 47%, respectively. Waste paper in the form of recovered cellulose or reclaimed newsprint fibre can thus meet all the technical requirements to become an alternative to inorganic fillers in thermoplastic composites.

Project partners also participate in the paper, as Peter Fajs (Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre, TECOS, Slovenia) Carolina Peñalva (AITIIP Centro Tecnológico, Spain), Marko Omahen (OMAPLAST, Slovenia), Matjaž Cop (ADRIA Mobil, Slovenia) and Ari Henttonen (ECOPULP Finland Oy, Finland).

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First paper with project results is published online