CEPLAFIB Consortium in collaboration with external stakeholder Ulla Labs, launches its first replicative project that introduces the recycled CEPLAFIB materials to innovative hi-tech product.

In January 2020, CEPLAFIB established a joint cooperation with Slovenian company Ulla Labs – the brand owner of smart and engaging contemporary wellness tool, entitled as simple as Ulla, that helps people to live a healthier life. Ulla employs drink detection, ambient and proximity technologies, and reminds, even motivates people to hydrate regularly with a subtle yet effective visual alert. They say water is life, motivation is what gets you started, and habit is what keeps you going. A joint partnership follows the same vision, by firmly believing that Ulla, the hydration coach, is the missing link between all three.


This replication project was realized with the contribution of the LIFE Programme of the European Union

Ulla is originally made of virgin plastic materials. With a common vision to introduce more environmentally friendly materials and to implement the circular economy with 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) prefix, a new alliance was born between Ulla Labs and CEPLAFIB Consortium. We jointly created the first Ulla, that is 100% made of recycled post-consumer plastic and waste paper. With a proper ratio of composite components, i.e. recycled plastics and newsprint fibres, it is possible to improve the modulus of elasticity of the material by up to 210 %, while the strength is simultaneously increased by 40%.

This limited promo edition of all recycled Ulla’s was created through the LIFE CEPLAFIB initiative to demonstrate the cross-sectoral applicability of these new materials, which proves a lower environmental footprint, tends towards the plastic waste reduction, and promote the reuse of discarded plastic and paper.