Dr. Caroliña Peñalva (AITIIP) dedicated a scientific article in the industrial magazine INTEREMPRESAS to the LIFE CEPLAFIB project. In it, the Spanish Economic Strategy Circular (EEEC) has been analyzed, which establishes strategic guidelines and sets a series of quantitative objectives to be achieved by 2030. The CEPLAFIB project is framed within these objectives.

Packaging Material Ceplafib

Throughout CEPLAFIB’s research, it has been possible to develop two marketable compounds with a recycled polypropylene or polyethylene matrix base reinforced with newsprint fibers. The first was designed for injection molding applications and the second for thermoforming transformation technologies. Throughout the project, different compound formulas have been tested, varying the content of fibers, coupling agents and impact modifiers and their proportions. You can now read the full article (in spanish)

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